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White Cherries - 1kg (limited time only)

Everybody knows red cherries. But have you ever tried white cherries?

Our Rainier variety is a premium type of cherry and is very sweet and crunchy, with a thin skin, a pink blush and creamy-white flesh. A truly gorgeous eating experience¬†ūüėć

Please note:
Our Rainier variety only makes a very brief appearance around the end of December. They are literally only available for one day around New Year's.

The exact date depends on when they are ripe of course. For that reason, when you order our white cherries, you will not be able to choose your preferred delivery date. We will inform you nearer the time when they will be harvested, so you can prepare your taste buds for the most extravagant taste sensation. 

We also need to point out that while we take very good care when picking and packing them, white cherries are very fragile and bruise easily. If you place an order for white cherries you accept that they may show signs of bruising or marks on the skin.

Is it possible to select my delivery date? - White cherries, due to their limited ripe window, are exclusively shipped on a designated day (to be confirmed). You will receive an email notification within a week of this delivery date.
Is it possible to receive white cherries in a larger box? These limited cherries are meticulously hand-picked and hand-packed so can only be offered in this size option
Do you offer international shipping?  - Sadly we do not offer international shipping at this stage. 
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